Wir machte eine zweite Sprache für Pyatochkin

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кейс по внедрению второго языка на сайт pyatochkin

Что мы делали по проекту

The task of implementing the Ukrainian language on OpenCart is trivial and was solved in several stages:

  1. We chose which language will be the starting language – for now we decided to leave Russian;
  2. We thought of technical points – special tags for better understanding of Goolge in what language the page is shown;
  3. Translation of content (products, pages, news).

Since the site already has a long history and has a lot of products, information pages, articles – we had to think about how to translate existing content and the one that will be added in the future.

There are two ways to proceed here – you can translate and post by hand, or you can connect automatic translation and make translations much faster.

Какой результат получили

We decided on the second option by connecting the Cloud Translation API service and installing a paid module. YandexTranslate (Translation into all site languages (products, categories, articles).

Now the site has a second language – Ukrainian, there is automatic translation of content and properly configured technical SEO.

Read more in the video:

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