Development of the “Corporate Orders” module for Mercato

Corporate Orders page

We were approached by the owner of Mercato, the online store of farm coffee.

The essence of the task is to introduce a new page on the site with a different appearance from the rest of the site. This page advertises corporate gifts from the company with a custom design.

With the help of this page it is planned to expand the range of services and get more loyal customers.

Mercato - development of the corporate orders module

What we did on the project


Developed the terms of reference for the module.


We made a html-template for landing on the engine.


We put it on the engine and implemented the intended functionality.

What the site can do

Texts, images can be loaded from the admin panel and can be changed at any time;

Letters from the page are sent to the mail to the administrator and to Telegram;

SEO. There is a page for managing seo settings.

Mercato - corporate orders example 2 Mercato - corporate orders example 3 Mercato - corporate orders 1

Inner pages

The drawn layout was provided to us by the customer and the only thing left is to make a template and embed it on the site.

The first thing that was done was to write the terms of reference. It took into account how to add photos to the page, edit texts, where to send the form, fill in the meta tags.

Сайт находится на продвижении и на него запущена реклама, поэтому все должно быть гибко, чтобы посетителям было удобно и понятно. Кроме этого – учтен момент мультиязычности.

Second – implemented html-version of the template. The layout was made semantic, taking into account the requirements of SEO.

Next, the programmers implemented the page as a separate module on the site, which can be managed. With flexible settings, sending the form data both to the administrator’s email and to the store manager’s telegram.

In the end, the copywriter edited the original texts, translated into Ukrainian, and seo-specialist prepared and prescribed the necessary settings in the admin panel of the site.

At the end of the work, the customer was provided with all the materials of the project, a specification of the functions, a video instruction on how to use the module.

That’s it, the module is ready to work)

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