Разработка калькулятора на сайт опенкарт

“Heating calculator” for a company producing heaters

“Heating calculator” for the website of heaters See project Developed a calculator to select the heater, depending on the parameters of the apartment or house. The calculator was developed from the logic of selecting heaters depending on several parameters to the output of prominent buttons in the menu to go to the page with the […]

bigmag работа портфолио GetBrand Studio

Store for iPhone

Online store for iPhone The company sells cell phones and accessories. Most of them are premium products made by Apple. The company has stores in several regional centers, and also actively sells on the Internet. That is why a new site is needed to replace the old one. The previous site was written on the […]

Perevir работа портфолио GetBrand Studio

Perevir – expert online procurement consulting service on ProZorro

Perevir — expert online procurement consulting service on ProZorro See project Perevir – an expert service that is engaged in consulting procurement on the ProZorro platform. The resource is designed as an online platform for the use of public procurement consulting service. Primarily for the organizers of tenders and in the future for suppliers of […]

Стоматология в Новомосковске. Портфолио GetBrand Studio

Implants, whitening, prosthetics, dental treatment

DentLuxe – dental treatment Dentistry in Novomoskovsk The website of a dental clinic in Novomoskovsk has been in a deplorable state for a long time. The thing is that the previous developers did not complete their work. In fact, there was a page, but it didn’t make sense to let traffic to it. Based on […]

Mercato - разработка модуля корпоративных заказов

Development of the “Corporate Orders” module for Mercato

Development of the “Corporate Orders” module for Mercato Corporate Orders page We were approached by the owner of Mercato, the online store of farm coffee. The essence of the task is to introduce a new page on the site with a different appearance from the rest of the site. This page advertises corporate gifts from […]

КРОК пример главной страницы 1

KROK – is a security company in Dnepr. Protection of property and life

KROK – security company in Dnepr See project The website for the security company KROK was developed to replace an old, outdated resource. The new website for the security company KROK was developed in connection with the firm’s plans for development on the Internet. With the new site, the company plans to automate work with […]

Artil-Master главная страница портфолио

Artil-Master – stretch ceilings in Kiev and region

Artil-Master – stretch ceilings in Kiev and region Смотреть проект The site for the company Artil-Master created for the launch of contextual advertising, with the prospect of seo-promotion. It implements landing pages for different types of stretch ceilings, a calculator to calculate the cost of materials and works, galleries of works, answers to the most […]

Reacher главная страница портфолио GetBrand Studio

Reacher is a consulting company

Reacher – a hiring and personnel management consulting company See project Corporate website for an HR consulting company from the USA. The site was designed for a profitable presentation of the company from the U.S., which began work in Ukraine. The site has sections on cases, blog, vacancies, and services. There is a calculator to […]

Новатерм главная страница портфолио

Novatherm – heat ceramic electric heaters

Novatherm – heat ceramic electric heaters See project The website for the company Novatherm was created specifically for the sale of ceramic heaters. Landing page is designed with functionality that allows you to add products, promotions, special offers, display prices. They described the advantages and benefits of thermal ceramic panels and as proof developed a […]

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Development of any internet projects depending on business needs


Landing is designed strictly for one product or service. This type of site should focus the user's attention on a certain message and motivate to take the necessary action to the site owner.

We develop master-designed web pages with simple functionality in pure HTML and JavaScript. We reinforce with marketing funnels and the connection of additional services - to track analytics and increase conversions.

Corporate sites

The purpose of a corporate site is to promote business on the Internet, reaching new markets and audiences. Such websites we develop on CMS WordPress, specifically to the request of a particular company and its business processes. We do the basic SEO and the site is fully ready for further work and promotion.

Online stores

A full-fledged store for online commerce. It has all the tools to automate sales, has a personal account for the user, a shopping cart, card payments, collecting marketing information about customers, email distribution, and many other functions, designed specifically for the type of activity and features of sales.

The online store has many products and product groups. We develop online stores primarily on CMS OpenCart. We do SEO optimization and set up analytics.

Website Development

Website development for business. Landings, online stores, corporate websites. Individual solutions for specific tasks and queries.

Website promotion

SEO promotion of the site. The growth of positions and attendance of your site, increasing the recognition of the company with the help of various tools.

Internet marketing

Increase traffic and conversion of the site, increasing sales in a relatively short time. Marketing funnels, chats, quizzes, Google Ads.