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Developed a calculator to select the heater, depending on the parameters of the apartment or house.

The calculator was developed from the logic of selecting heaters depending on several parameters to the output of prominent buttons in the menu to go to the page with the calculation.

The calculator is necessary to give the user on the site as much information as possible to make a choice of equipment and purchase.

The result of calculating the calculator – the goods, the power of which will allow to heat the rooms depending on the area and volume.

The calculator can also send a customer message to the site administrator if the user has questions or needs to pick up other equipment.

Forms can write contacts to a database to work with them later.

Developing a heating calculator on Opencart

What we did on the project

We wrote the Terms of Reference

In the terms of reference, the calculation formulas, design layout, and the purpose of the fields were described. We specified the dependence of displayed goods on the results of calculation.


Professionally rendered the design of the future calculator in desktop and mobile versions.

Typing and programming

We made the appearance according to the layout and implemented the logic of the terms of reference. Conducted tests.

The calculator can

Calculation formulas are prescribed in the code and the goods that are derived from the results of the calculation – made statically in the code.

The calculator sends messages from the site to the administrator.

Сбор контактов с форм в базу.

The heating calculator has no admin interface.

Calculator on opencart. How GetBrand Studio works Opencart calculator development Example of a calculator on opencart. How GetBrand Studio works

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