Online store for iPhone

The company sells cell phones and accessories. Most of them are premium products made by Apple.

The company has stores in several regional centers, and also actively sells on the Internet. That is why a new site is needed to replace the old one.

The previous site was written on the outdated OpenCart 1.6, had a lot of unnecessary code and rewritten modules, was poorly seo-optimized. It needed to be replaced by a new engine with new modules and functionality for further development.

What we did on the project


The client had wishes for how the site should work and its functions. We painted and coordinated the logic, after which we can hand over for implementation.


The implementation of all the functionality that was described in the terms of reference. Somewhere it was done with the help of a module, somewhere it was written manually or upgraded ready-made.

Техническое SEO

After programming a lot of work was done on the technical seo. This is an important point, as the site was and will be promoted in the organic extradition.

What the site can do

The site has a lot of necessary functionality for working with the client:

  • Personal office with its own functions;
  • Product card with detailed information about the product and store services;
  • Shopping cart with bargain offers;
  • Email marketing and user generated content system.
  • A handy part for an administrator.

Made a module to work with loans and installments from many banks;

For the administrator customizable admin, with which you can easily and quickly search and edit products;

Search on the site can search both in Russian and in Latin alphabet, pick up the meaning – if written “abracadabra”.

Management of requests, the formation of analytics on applications.

The site is well-developed basic SEO. The pages are ready for promotion, including the seo-filter.

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