Novatherm – heat ceramic electric heaters

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The website for the company Novatherm was created specifically for the sale of ceramic heaters.

Landing page is designed with functionality that allows you to add products, promotions, special offers, display prices.

They described the advantages and benefits of thermal ceramic panels and as proof developed a calculator, with which the user can calculate how much it will cost him for the products of Novatherm.

There is also a table comparing several types of heating.

As a social proof posted photos of heat ceramic panels in the interior, customer reviews.

There are several forms on the landing for different types of customers, as well as for those who want to become a dealer.

Forms can record contacts to work with them later.

Novatherm main page portfolio

What we did on the project

Structure and logic

Each block goes in a certain order and has its own meaning. In order to make the landing sells, it must be carefully thought out.


Drawing the design of the site to give it a beautiful appearance.

Typing and programming

Implementation of the program code and the functionality agreed with the client at the stage of developing the logic blocks.

What the site can do

Adding, removing and editing products from the admin panel.

Manage promotions, special offers, forms on the page. Enabling/disabling blocks on the page from the admin panel.

There is a cost calculator – just enter the area of the room and the calculation will show how much it will cost to heat.

Collection of contacts from the forms to the data base.

Novaterm sample site 1 Novaterm sample site 2 Novaterm sample site 3

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