Google Page Speed acceleration for online store

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We were approached by partners for help in speeding up the site by Google Page Speed.

This was a Woocommerce online store on a ready-made theme. In addition, there is a Page Builder.

Several development teams had already taken on this task, but without result. In this regard, the end customer had some skepticism about the solution to this problem.

However, we have taken, I understand that the template ways – becoming plugins for caching and compression of images can not do here.

кейс getbrand studio по ускорению интрнет-магазина

What we did on the project

A lot of work was done to speed up the site:

1) Editing WP Bakery Page Builder code;
2) Removed RevSlider, wrote its own slider block;
3) Installed php 7.4;
4) Redis is set up;
5) Removed unused plugins.

The main plugin edits concerned the plugin to minimize ccs and js, manually optimized css and js code.
The task took 17 hours.

What result did we get

It was on cell phone:


It was on desktop:


It’s on mobile:

It’s on the computer:

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